Science Action Club: Bird Scouts Kit

Science Action Club: Bird Scouts Kit

Science Action Club: Bird Scouts Kit

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A Science Action Club kit makes it easy and fun to lead hands-on STEM in afterschool and summer programs—no experience necessary. Through games, projects, and exciting investigations, youth explore nature, contribute to authentic science research, and design creative strategies to protect the planet.

_x000D_With content from a world-class science museum and research institution, the kit includes easy-to-follow activity plans, a complete set of STEM supplies, and 2-hour online, self-paced, professional development training for staff. The training provides step-by-step guidance for all 12 activities in the unit, as well as important science concepts and helpful strategies for teaching STEM in an informal learning environment.

_x000D_With Bird Scouts, youth explore feathers, flight, and the features that make birds unique. Using tools and technology, youth identify local species and investigate environmental changes that impact bird behavior. The checklists that youth submit to eBird—a citizen science project from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology—help scientists track changes in bird distribution and abundance across the globe.

_x000D_Additional Information

  • _x000D_Recommended grades: 5-8
  • _x000D_
  • Number of students supported: 20+
  • _x000D_
  • Number of activities: 12+
  • _x000D_
  • Contact hours: Each activity is designed for a 60- to 90-minute club session and can be extended with the bonus resources included
  • _x000D_
  • Lesson plan sample PDF: Build a Bird
  • _x000D_
  • Lesson Plan Sample PDF: Bird Count
  • _x000D_
  • Standards alignment: NGSS Connections
  • _x000D_
  • Recommended settings: Summer camps, afterschool programs, homeschool environments

_x000D_Activity Topics

  • _x000D_Build a Bird
  • _x000D_
  • Birding Tools
  • _x000D_
  • Identity Birds
  • _x000D_
  • Bird Count
  • _x000D_
  • Pollution Control
  • _x000D_
  • Eggsperiment
  • _x000D_
  • Beneficial Beaks
  • _x000D_
  • Exploring Flight
  • _x000D_
  • Owl Pellet Dissection
  • _x000D_
  • Healthy Habits
  • _x000D_
  • Be a Bird Hero
  • _x000D_
  • Combine Your Counts

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Name Include Note
Science Action Club Certificates Included
Sort the Silhouette Cards Set Included
Science Action Club Stickers Included
Popsicle Sticks Included
Paper Straws Included
Measuring Tapes Included
Feathers Included
Dice Included
Cups Included
Spot the Differences Worksheets Included
Crayons, Packs Included
String, 100 ft Included
Sidewalk Chalk, Sticks Included
Glue, Bottles Included
Sporks Included
Rubber Bands Included
Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, 1/2 lb Included
Tape, Rolls Included
Rice, 1/2 cup Included
Build a Bird Cards (beaks, body, legs, and wings) Set Included
Bird Identification Cards Set Included
Bird Count Stickers Included
Bird Count and eBird Guide Included
Owl Getcha! Boards Included
Observe a Bird Gull ID Included
Observe a Bird Cards Set Included
Coffee Berry Tokens Included
Owl Getcha! Cards Set Included
Owl Getcha! Game Pieces Set Included
Owl Getcha! Tokens Set Included
Owl Pellet Bone Charts Included
Owl Pellet Dissection Keys Included
Paper Birds A Included
Owl Pellets Included
Paper Birds Tables Included
Paper Birds B Included
Pest Buster Table Included
Sizable Struggles Cards Set Included
Chopsticks, Pairs Included
Oil, Bottle Included
Paper Bags Included
Clay, Tub Included
Dish Soap, Bottle Included
Science Action Club Notebooks Included
Tweezers Included
Bird Scouts Buttons Included
Bird Scouts Guidebook Included
Bean Bags Included
Binoculars Included
Science Action Club Pencils Included



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