Cubelets®, Robot Blocks, Inspired Inventors Mega Pack

Cubelets®, Robot Blocks, Inspired Inventors Mega Pack

Cubelets®, Robot Blocks, Inspired Inventors Mega Pack

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Age 4 and up. This pack has it all! Give individual learners and teams the chance to deeply explore Cubelets® Robot Blocks. Includes 162 Sense, Think, and Act Cubelets®, brick adapters, charging cables, 5-port USB chargers, and storage containers. Lesson plans for K-12 are freely available at and include topics such as teamwork, robotics, sensing, data collection, engineering design, and animal behavior.

Pack includes:

  • Drive Cubelet: Contains a motor and roller wheels for moving on a horizontal surface. It only moves in 1 direction and moves faster with higher input values.
  • Rotate Cubelet: Spins at a rate corresponding to its input values.
  • Speaker Cubelet: Chirps based on the block's data value. It contains a small speaker and an amplifier.
  • Flashlight Cubelet: Emits a focused beam of light from a powerful white LED. The light becomes brighter with higher input values.
  • Bar Graph Cubelet: Displays the block's value as a light-up bar graph. It displays a full input value as a fully lit graph.
  • Knob Cubelet: Has a potentiometer (a knob that provides a variable resistance) embedded in 1 of its faces. Output increases as the knob is turned clockwise.
  • Brightness Cubelet: Detects the amount of light hitting its sensor. It has an analog photocell that responds to varying light conditions (values are near 1 in front of a bright light).
  • Distance Cubelet: Detects how far it is from an object. It uses infrared light and is accurate between 10 and 80 cm. The sensor is directional, so it outputs the distance to the object in front of the sensor.
  • Temperature Cubelet: Contains a tiny thermometer (actually a thermistor) that detects temperature. Values increase from freezing (freezing = 0).
  • Inverse Cubelet: Calculates a value that is the opposite of the values it receives. Averages inputs and sends an output that is 1 minus that average.
  • Minimum Cubelet: Accepts any amount of data but only outputs the smallest value it receives. It is handy for creating an on-off switch for a robot and for building robots that do not fall off the edge of a table.
  • Maximum Cubelet: Accepts many inputs but only passes along those with the greatest value. Using this Cubelet you could build a robot that only performs an action when a sensor reads a value over a certain threshold (as set by a Knob Cubelet).
  • Battery Cubelet: Provides the energy required to make robots spin, drive, and squawk. It charges with a micro USB cable.
  • Passive Cubelet: A basic building block that carries power and data from its neighbors. It does not move, sense, or change incoming data in any way.
  • Blocker Cubelet: A basic building block that blocks data from its neighbors. It passes power but stops communication and can insulate 1 side of a robot from another.
  • Bluetooth® Hat: Use this piece and the Cubelets® companion app to quickly pair your robot construction with any Bluetooth®-enabled wireless device and remotely control the robot.
  • Threshold Cubelet: Has a knob to alter the behavior of the robot. It will output a value of 0 until inputs exceed the threshold set by the knob. Above the threshold, data will flow as normal. Can be used to create robots that react suddenly, gate data flow, or exhibit binary behavior.
  • Brick Adapter: Connect Cubelets® to LEGO® bricks (LEGO® bricks not included).
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable: Charge your Cubelets®.
  • 5-Port USB Charger: Charge up to 5 Battery Cubelets® at the same time (110 V, US plug). Compact and portable for home or classroom use.
  • Storage Tubs.

These Cubelets® run on Cubelets® OS 4.



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