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Proline Heating and Cooling Thermostats

Heating and cooling thermostats with temperatures from -90 up to 300 °C for professional use in research, application engineering and production.

Lauda Proline

For more than ten successful years now, the LAUDA Proline name has stood for uncompromisingly reliable thermostating, intuitive operation and high flexibility in the research, application technology and production areas.

On this occasion, we present to you the frequently tried-and-tested heating and cooling thermostats for ranges of -90 to 300 ° at the absolute height of its game: as the Proline Edition X.

LAUDA Proline thermostats are our solution for high performance and reliable temperature regulation. With their broad temperature range they fulfill high requirements. LAUDA Proline thermostats are available in two versions: in the basic version with the Master control head, and as a Command version with a removable control unit for enhanced ease of operation.

Master version devices can be retrofitted with the Command remote control, which are simply connected to the control head. The thermostat automatically recognises and controls all newly installed moduls.

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  The Proline advantages Your benefits
  • Master or Command version
  • Simple retrofitting from Master to Command version
  • The right solution for every application
  • Subsequent extension or adaptation to changing
    application requirements
  • Graphical user guidance
  • Adaptive control on cooling thermostats
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Saves time-consuming calculation of control parameters
  • Patented SmartCool system
  • PowerAdapt system for adjustment of the power consumption
  • Up to 75 percent energy saving with digital cooling management
  • Use of the maximum available output from the power supply system
  • Two insert ports can be combined with five different interface modules
  • Easy distribution of the pump flow by means of bypass valve
  • Pump connections on the side and rear
  • High level of flexibility for the user allowing for broad range of system integration
  • Simultaneous connection of two external applications
  • Flexible connection of external applications from different sides
  • High-performance pressure-suction-pump (Varioflex pump) with eight pump levels
  • Up to 3.5 kW (230 V) heating power – even on all cooling thermostats via SmartCool system
  • Suitable for internal and external applications
  • Adaptation of the pump power to the respective application and bath size
  • Rapid heating achieved

Proline Control Heads

Proline Master control head
The Proline Master devices are designed with high thermostating accuracy and reliability for all applications from -90 up to 300 °C where operating parameters are not changed or modified frequently. They have all the basic features and safety functions required for professional thermostating during continuous use. A modular structure and bus technology have created an instrument capable of extending its function and performance as the application requires.

Proline Master
  • Easy-to-read green LED display
  • Convenient setting of set-temperature and Varioflex pump via three operation buttons
  • Indicator lights for heating, cooling, external control and alarm
  • Resolution of indication 0.01 ­C, setting resolution selectable 0.1 or 0.01 °C
  • Selectable operating temperature range and additional button for overtemperature protection
  • External temperature control via Pt 100
  • Optical and audible alarm function
  • Simple temperature probe calibration
  • Integrated mains network safety device
  • Start mode control (automatic or manual)
  • Two slots for LiBus modules
  • LAUDA Wintherm Plus control software via RS 232/485 interface (optional)

Proline Command

Proline Command control head
The Command control heads are the top models of the LAUDA Proline. The highly-efficient programmer fulfills all the requirements of complex thermostating processes D with real-time function. It offers the utmost in user-friendliness and optimum functionality, e.g. for an industrial testing lab. The simple menu-driven operation and the easy editing of test programs allow for quickly changing thermostating tasks. The Command console is removable and can easily be used as a remote control (with cable). Comprehensive basic equipment as with the Proline Master range.

Proline Clear-view

Proline Clear-view thermostats

LAUDA Proline clear-view thermostats for the direct observation of the samples: the PVL models come equipped with five layers of insulating glass and are suitable for low temperatures down to -60 °C. This makes them ideal for the use with the fully-automatic LAUDA PVS viscosity measuring system. The two-chamber principle in the measuring area ensures a constant level, irrespective of the loading and the temperature. The connection of a through-flow cooler or Proline RP 890 enables low temperature measurements down to -40 °C/-60 °C.

Proline Bridge

Proline Bridge thermostats

LAUDA Proline bridge thermostats are available in two versions with different pump models and immersion depths. The PB models have a pressure/suction pump and require a bath depth of 200 mm, while the PBD models have a more powerful pressure pump (D) and thermostat baths with a depth from 320 mm. In addition, both series of models differ in the selected control head: Master or Command (C). Through variably extendable telescopic rods, all models can be attached without problem to baths with a width of 310 mm up to 550 mm.


Proline Clear-view thermostats

Technical features PV 15/PV 15 C PV 24/PV 24 C PV 36/PV 36 C PVL 15/PVL 15 C PVL 24/PVL 24 C
Working temperature range °C 30...230 30...230 30...230 30...100 30...100
Operating temperature range °C 0*...230 0*...230 0*...230 -60**...100 -60**...100
Temperature stability ±K 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01
Heater power 115 V/208-220 V kW 1.8/– –/3.5 –/3.5 1.8/– 1.8/–
Pump pressure max. bar 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8
Pump suction max. bar
Pump flow (pressure) max. L/min 25 25 25 25 25
Pump flow (suction) max. L/min
Bath volume L 11…15 19…24 28…36 11…15 19…24
Bath opening/Bath depth mm 230x135/320 405x135/320 585x135/320 230x135/320 405x135/320
Size of glass panel mm 149x230 326x230 506x230 149x230 326x230
Cat. No. Master 115 V; 60 Hz - LCD 4276 LCD 4282 LCD 4284
Cat. No. Master 208-220 V; 60 Hz - LCD 8278 LCD 8280
Cat. No. Command 115 V; 60 Hz - LCD 4277 LCD 4283 LCD 4285
Cat. No. Command 208-220 V; 60 Hz - LCD 8279 LCD 8281

* Only achievable with LAUDA add-on cooler ** Only achievable with LAUDA Proline RP 890

Proline Bridge thermostats

Technical features PB/PB C PBD/PBD C
Working temperature range °C 30...300 30...300
Temperature stability ±K 0.01 0.01
Heater power kW 1.8 1.8
Pump pressure max. bar 0.7 1.1
Pump suction max. bar 0.4
Pump flow (pressure) max. L/min 25 32
Pump flow (suction) max. L/min 23
Bath volume up to approx. L 80 80
Bath opening mm telescopic rods can be extended for bath widths 310…550
Bath depth min. mm 200 320
Cat. No. Master 115 V; 60 Hz LCG 4090 LCG 4092
Cat. No. Command 115 V; 60 Hz LCG 4091 LCG 4093


Shut down valve/Reverse flow protection
Reverse flow protection when thermostating external systems, to avoid over-flow
when pump stops, for retrofitting with LiBus. Temperature range -40…140 °C

Cat. No. Description
LCZ 9673 Shut down valve reverse flow protection with LiBus
Suitable for All Proline devices

Solenoid valve
Water-conscious cooling on heating thermostats for cooling water control. Controlled
cooling operation for exothermal reactions or controlled cooling with programmer. Up
to 155 °C bath temperature.

Cat. No. Description Temperature range
LCZ 9662 Solenoid valve with LiBus-connector -10...155 °C
Suitable for All heating and clear-view thermostats  

For notch bending test

Cat. No. Suitable for
LCZ 0658 RP 870, RP 870 C, RP 890, RP 890 C
LCZ 0694 RP 1290, RP 1290 C

Constant level device
Necessary for the constant liquid level when thermostating open external baths.
Connection set: for wall thickness of bath vessel between 0 to 30 mm, with opening
for thermometers 4 mm or 1.9 mm Ø and clamping gland HX 077 and HX 078.

Cat. No. Description Suitable for
LCZ 0660 Level controller, mechanical P 8 (C), RP 845 (C)
RP 855 (C)
LCZ 0679 Connection set for external inlet and outlet LCZ 0660

Automatic filling device
For automatic replacement of liquid losses in thermostat bath, for example by
evaporation. Also from vessels with max. 1 m suction height

Cat. No. Description
LCZ 9661 Automatic filling device with LiBus

Controlled high-temperature chiller HTC with LiBus
For controlled cooling of thermostats in the operating temperature range up to 300 °C
without formation of vapors, to be connected to external water cooling source.

Cat. No. Description  
LCZ 9663 Controlled high-temperature chiller HTC