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Heating and cooling thermostats for cost-effective thermostating in the laboratory at temperatures
from -25 up to 100 °C

LAUDA Alpha is the cost-effective choice in the area of high-quality LAUDA thermostats. The temperature range from -25 to 100 °C covers the larger part of all basic thermostatic applications within the laboratory. This is exactly the working temperature range of the new LAUDA Alpha. This well-priced equipment range is made possible by minimizing any unnecessary features, with the focus on reliability and user-friendliness.

The thermostats are suitable for operation with non-flammable liquids (water, water/glycol) and for both internal and external thermostating tasks. A 1-point-calibration of the thermostats can be carried out by the user.

  The Alpha advantages Your benefits
  • 3-button operation with large, clearly legible LED display
  • Integrated shut-down timer
  • Easy and intuitive menu navigation
  • Easily legible display values
  • Automatically initiates stand-by mode for sample protection and reduced operating costs
  • Automatic compressor generates precisely
    the required cooling capacity – up to 425 W
  • Cost-effective operation
  • No unnecessary energy consumption
  • Equipment-saving principle extends the life of the compressor
  • Alpha immersion and heating thermostats with screw clamp
  • Easy to change to different bath vessels
  • Variable flow rates via inserts and fittings
  • The rate of circulation can be adapted to the size of the bath
  • Removal of the front cover without tools
  • Easy cleaning of the cool air inlet
  • Extended maintenance intervals
LAUDA Alpha Immersion Thermostat

Alpha Immersion thermostat

The immersion thermostat A can be used for any bath with a wall thickness of up to 25 mm by means of the screw clamp included in the scope of delivery. Using the optional pump circulation set and a cooling coil, the immersion thermostat can be expanded to form a full-fledged thermostating system.


Alpha Heating thermostats

Alpha Heating Thermostats

The heating thermostats A 6, A 12 and A 24 operate in the temperature range between 25 and 100 °C. As in the case of the immersion thermostats, a cooling coil and pump circulation set as well as a bath cover set are available as optional accessories.

Alpha Cooling thermostats

Alpha Heating Thermostats

The cooling technology of the cooling thermostats RA 8, RA 12 and RA 24 enables cooling performance through the entire temperature range of -25 up to 100 °C. A drain connection on the rear side of the devices makes emptying the heat transfer liquid a simple job. Bath covers and pump kits are included in the standard equipment.

Alpha Immersion thermostat

Technical features A
Working temperature range °C 25…100
Temperature stability ±K 0.05
Heater power kW 1.15
Pump pressure max. bar 0.2
Pump flow max.* L/min 15
Cat. No. 115 V; 60 Hz - LCED 4226

*Reducible to 5 L/min

Alpha Heating thermostats

Technical features A 6 A 12 A 24
Working temperature range °C 25…100 25…100 25…100
Temperature stability ±K 0.05 0.05 0.05
Heater power kW 1.15 1.15 1.15
Pump pressure max. bar 0.2 0.2 0.2
Pump flow max. L/min 15 15 15
Bath volume L 2.5…5.5 8…12 18…25
Bath opening mm 145x161 235x161 295x374
Bath depth mm 150 200 200
Cat. No. 115 V; 60 Hz - LCBD 4733 LCBD 4734 LCBD 4735

Alpha Cooling thermostats

Technical features RA 8 RA 12 RA 24
Working temperature range* °C -25…100 -25…100 -25…100
Temperature stability ±K 0.05 0.05 0.05
Heater power kW 1.15 1.15 1.15
Cooling output at 20 °C kW 0.225 0.325 0.425
Pump pressure max. bar 0.2 0.2 0.2
Pump flow max. L/min 15 15 15
Bath volume L 5…7.5 9.5…14.5 14…22
Bath opening mm 165x190 300x190 350x290
Bath depth mm 160 160 160
Cat. No. 115 V; 60 Hz - LCKD 4907 LCKD 4908 LCKD 4909

*Working temperature range is equal to ACC range.

Pump circulation set
For thermostating of external applications

Cat. No. Description
LCZE 005 Pump circulation set
For all Alpha immersion and heating thermostats

Cooling coil
For additional cooling of heating baths by means of cold water

Cat. No. Description
LCZE 004 Cooling coil
For all Alpha immersion and heating thermostats

Test tube racks
Polypropylene up to 95 °C*

Cat. No. Description Qty. Tubes Ø mm
UE 047/UE 041 rack yellow/white 21 30
UE 046/UE 040 rack yellow/white 24 25
UE 045/UE 039 rack yellow/white 40 20
UE 048/UE 042 rack yellow/white 60 16
UE 043/UE 037 rack yellow/white 90 13
suitable for 3 x A 24
2 x RA 12
3 x RA 24

Bath cover sets
For assembly on LAUDA Alpha heating baths.
Consisting of bath bridge, bath cover, 2 blanking plates and 4 screws

Cat. No. Designation
LCZE 006 Bath cover set A 6
LCZE 007 Bath cover set A 12
LCZE 008 Bath cover set A 24