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6000 Flowmeter

Accurate and repeatable gas flow measurement is fundamental to obtaining good results from your gas chromatography. The traditional bubble flowmeter, relying as it does on the reaction time of the operator, is a potential source of error.

The Ellutia 6000 Series flowmeter eliminates this source of error and makes gas flow easement easier and more accurate. The flowmeter is calibrated as standard for the eight most common gases used in chromatography. In addition it also provides the following;

Split Flow rate - The column flow is measures followed by the flow through the split line. Simultaneous displays of column flow, split line flow and split ratio are displayed.

Linear Velocity - The user selects a column diameter from the list provided and then the linear velocity is calculated and displayed. The result is simultaneously displayed with the flow rate so that the operator can view them both and independently set either parameter.



  • 0.1 - 500 ml/min (0.1 - 275 ml/min for Carbon Dioxide)


  • 0.1 ml/min


  • 0.4ml/min or 2.5%

Gases as Standard

  • Air
  • Argon
  • Argon/5% methane
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Helium
  • Hydrogen
  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen

Display modes

  • Flow rate (ml/min)
  • Linear Velocity (cm/sec)
  • Split Flow
  • Split Ratio

Power Supply

  • One MN1604 Battery (included)


  • 9cm x 4cm x 16cm

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