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200 Series Autosampler

The 200 series autosampler has been designed for use with Ellutia's own award winning 200 series gas chromatograph. It has been designed to compliment the GC in both looks and price. With Up to 23 sample positions and up to 4 injections per vial selectable in the method setup the 205 series autosampler is more than suitable for overnight runs.

The 205 series autosampler can accept either 0.5,5 or 10 microliter syringes. The injection volume can be set to either 10, 20, 50 or 100% of the syringes volume when setting up a method. The 200 series autosampler comes with IPC (Intelligent Plunger Control) to allow for self calibration of zero volume for syringes. This system also monitors the plunger for any signs of resistance (if the syringe has become sticky) and warns the user so they syringe may be cleaned to avoid potential damage to the plunger.


Sample Tray

  • Up to 23 sample Positions
  • Up to 2 wash positions
  • 1 waste position


  • Sample and wash vials: 2.0ml, 12 x 32mm
  • Waste vial: 4.0ml, 15 x 45mm


  • Accepts 0.5, 5 and 10 microliter syringes

Injection Volumes

  • Injection volume can be set to 10,20, 50 or 100% of the syringe volume


  • Method setable by dip switches
  • Standard I/O for:
    • GC ready in
    • GC run out
    • Integrator run out
  • RS232 for Future Upgrades


(H) 55cm x (W) 16cm x (D) 22cm


Input: 100-240V, 47-63Hz, 1.35A, Output: 23V DC, 1.5A



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