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200 Series Gas Chromatograph

The 200 series compact gas chromatograph with its patented flow through technology is now well established at providing excellent chromatographic performance and reliability.

Each GC is a dedicated single channel unit with a split / split-less injector, programmable pressure control and a choice of three detector options. With either a flame ionisation, thermal conductivity, or electron capture detector the 200 series GC can cover most of the analytical applications in industry today. Manual or Automatic Gas sampling Valves can also be fitted to the 200 Series GC.



  • Split / Splitless supplied as standard
  • Min Temp 60C
  • Max Temp 280C
  • Split Linearity better than 3% up to 200:1


  • Choice of FID, TCD or ECD
  • Temperature range from 100C to 300C


  • FID minimum detectable quantity is 5 x 10^-12 grams of carbon (signal 3x noise level)
  • FID linear range is 10^6


  • TCD has four tungsten filaments
  • TCD filament temperatures are 180C, 240C or 320C


  • ECD minimum detectable quantity is 0.05 x 10^-12 grams of lindane (signal 3x noise level)
  • ECD linear range is 10^3

Capillary On Column Adapters

Available as an option accessory

Gas Controls

  • Electronic Pressure control of carrier gas of 0.3 to 50Psi fully programmable with up to five ramps. Maximum total flow 250ml/min
  • Detector gas control fixed sinter (apply the specified pressure to the instrument and the detector will work)
  • Optional two channel gas box to allow variability of detector gasses

Instrument Control

  • keypad, with 2 x 16 character backlit LCD
  • 5 stored methods
  • Standard RS232C interface allows methods to be stored and loaded from pc using Chromstar GC control Software (optional accessory)
  • 1V/10V analogue outputs
  • Run line control allows the use of most recorder, integrators and PC based integration packages

Gas Sampling Valves

Available as an option accessory

Column Oven

  • Accommodates all capillary columns up to a 7" cage, max length 120m (5"cages required for above 60m)
  • Packed Column capability available as an optional accessory
  • Temperature range is from 15C above ambient to 300C
  • 5 ramp temperature programming
  • Ramp rates are up to 40C/min below 200C, and up to 20C/min above 200C
  • Max isothermal temperature 240C


(H) 16cm x (W) 41cm x (D) 34cm


800VA, 230V/50/60Hz, 115V/50/60Hz



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