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About Us

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For over 45 years, Merlan Scientific has been a trusted Canadian source for Engineering, Technology, Physics/Optics and general Science teaching equipment.

With our long history of sourcing and providing superior products for education/training, we have established a reputation for quality and innovation and gained the trust of science educators, engineering and technology industries alike.

Merlan Scientific is a customer-focused company and our vision is to be market leaders in our commitment to providing high quality educational resources.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to make educators successful and to help technology and engineering industries thrive; by sourcing and providing cutting edge resources.

We are proud to be exclusively partnered with leaders in their respective fields.Through these partnerships, Merlan Scientific is able to offer its customers a wide range of invaluable, innovative resources. These resources include equipment, experiments, lab activities, webinars, and expert advice.

Through strong partnerships with our suppliers and input from our customers, we constantly seek to update and expand our product portfolio enabling us to offer the most current, cutting edge and curriculum supportive equipment and experiments.

We do not just offer a list of products online, we have dedicated product specialists who know and understand the products. They are in turn backed by a team of experts directly from the manufacturers and together we provide unrivaled knowledge, advice and customer support at all levels. This makes us unique and adds great value to the products we provide.

When you work with Merlan you are in safe hands, we do everything possible to ensure that your class, educational institution, organization’s science, engineering and technology resources needs and you are taken care of.